Organized Laundry Room Goes Viral!

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As a working mother of four, I find it can be difficult to keep up with the demands of housework, laundry, and taxi service. While out showing property, I see many different types of laundry areas in homes. Some laundry rooms double as a mudroom, while others are small closet-type areas that barely fit in a stackable unit. Regardless of size, check out these awesome tips to stay organized in the laundry room:

1) Hanging rod – For the quickest way to get young members in the house to hang up their clothes. As soon as the clean clothes get out of the dryer, just hang them up right there in the laundry room! Color coordinate the hangers so each family member is assigned their own color for a more organized method.

2) Folding Ironing Board – Any time a clunky ironing board can be easily hidden inside the wall, it can make for a space-saving organizational dream!

3) Basket System – It doesn’t matter what style of basket you prefer- each family member should be responsible to pick up their clean clothes basket before going to bed each night. If this organizational tip is followed, the laundry room should be free and clear of loose articles of clothing all over the floor in the morning.

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