How to Avoid HOA Fines

Hokie House

Although comical, this episode is based on real-life situations.

DO cut your grass at least twice a month.

DON’T go on strike and leave your yard looking like Mowgli should appear any minute.

DO paint the exterior of the house and replace any wood rotted trim.

Hokie HouseDON’T paint the exterior of your house to match your favorite college football team.  Go Hokies!

DO plant nice trees and bushes to improve the curb appeal.

Overgrown LawnDON’T let trees and bushes eat your house like in the movie, “Jumanji”.

DO celebrate the holiday season with decorations. It’s cheery!

DON’T have bones coming out of gravestones in the middle of March and for heaven’s sake- stop with the Christmas lights in July!

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